We currently use SanteVet V0.1. A new version has been developed by SanteVet, and they requested us to implement the new api. 

Attached to this article, the documentation used to implement the new API.

As the current API works just fine, we decided to not enable the new version for all users at first, only activating it for user test (db 006), and db 0110.

If they decide to deactivate V0.1, they told us they will give us 3 months to switch to the new api. That means as long as they don't ask us to switch for all users, there is no reason to do so, as the current implementation of the V0.1 is stable.

In case we want to enable the new version for other users or all users, you will need to update the method in SanteVetGatewayFactory#createSanteVetGateway.

Contact person:

You can contact for support.

Pending questions / Potential problems with v1:

There are three pending questions we need to tackle:

  1. Can a client be reimbursed if they bring un-opened food bag for example?
  2. In the future, they might no longer allow processing a caresheet with an already used invoice number for l     legal reasons. This happens when we uncheckout an invoice and submit it again. This might be fixed by        using  updateCaresheet instead of deleting (but I think it might need more changes in the code than that)
  3. When an amount is rounded,  we might send the amount not rounded to Santevet (same behavior in v0.1). During the testing, they told us that they need the actual amount paid (the rounded one). I've changed the code in (line 383). 

Prod url:

Before merging on prod, the prod url must be updated. We are still waiting for them to provide us the prod url. You will need to change baseUrl, salt, api_key in

Pull request: