New Features

  • On a client a new field "Reference" has been added to indicate how the client became a customer
  • The regular vetrinary of a patient can now be added to the breadcrumb
  • The referring vet of the last created consultation is now stored on the patient

  • Bruyland Online now also gets the email and phone of the customer
  • When submitting an invoice to SantéVet the birthdate of an animal is mandatory
  • It is possible to change the communication preferences for clients in batch
  • Concerto : Possibility to sync only locked products
  • CCV API Key can be longer
  • Bigame Caterogy List is sorted logically
  • All examination results that are provided as a link to Fuga (AML Labonline, Fuse, IdexxVetconnectPlus) can now be downloaded as PDF and when mailed the pdf is attached to the mail

Fixed Bugs

  • The referring vet of the consultation is used when creating a referral report from the consultation
  • It is now possible to have multiple payment requests to CCV for a single consultation
  • When mailing IDEXXVetConnect plus results via the batch mail operation, the IDEXX result was not attached to the mail
  • The maximum size of a generated PDF file has been increased to 500 MB
  • Bob 50 bookkeeping Export : fixed issue with wrong documentnumber for zero euro invoices
  • It is no longer possible to remove a lot when items from it are already used