New Features

- We now remove all spaces before and after a product name and any double spaces within a product name to prevent issues with product recognition in delivery notes and catalogs of the supplier (as suppliers sometimes have spaces in strange places in the names they provide to us).

- The customer information in the cash book now also displays the customer number.

- A column for the customer associated with the task has now been added to the task report.

- It is now possible to mark payment reminders with only interest costs as paid.

- It is now possible to have invoices for customers with a Luxembourg VAT number in Peppol.

- Hormonal implant is now an option for sterilization status.

- Costa Rica and India have been added to the country list.

Resolved Issues

- When using protocols with various sub-protocols, we have fixed the order of the subprotocols; previously, this shifted each time the protocol was executed or if there was an attempt to modify it afterward.

- A credit note is no longer marked as paid if the invoice of the credit note has not yet been paid.

- We have removed the multi-type option for SantéVet as the current version of the SantéVet integration does not yet support this.

- Reconciled customer card products are now sorted from new to old again.

- After settling a consultation, it was possible to make a new lab request; this is no longer possible because it can alter the value of a consultation if the lab request is billed to the customer.

- An issue where the practice's logo was suddenly unavailable for creating invoices has been resolved.